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A/C Repair & ServiceIt isn’t a secret that it can get hot down in DeLand, Florida or that most of us can’t get through a Florida summer without our air conditioner. To avoid turning into a sweaty mess when you get into your car, LP & Sons Auto Care recommends maintaining your vehicle’s air conditioning system year-round so it will be in good working condition when the temperature starts to rise. Our certified expert mechanics are here to help you stay comfortable all year round with our auto AC repair and maintenance services.

Vehicle AC Maintenance DeLand

Just like the other major systems in your vehicle, your air conditioning system requires maintenance to prevent total failure. One of the most important things to your air conditioner is refrigerant. If it isn’t kept at the appropriate level, your vehicle’s AC won’t be able to produce cold air. That means that if any part of your AC system is leaking, it is allowing refrigerant to escape and compromising your AC system.

By allowing our expert technicians to regularly check your system you will be able to catch and repair minor issues before you have to experience the feeling of a hot summer day with no AC in your vehicle.

At LP & Sons, our AC maintenance service includes a thorough examination of your entire AC system including your compressor and belt to make sure that there isn’t any damage or accelerated wear. Additionally, we will test the functionality of your system and inspect for any possible refrigerant leaks.

Auto AC Repair DeLand

Even with regular air conditioner maintenance and service, it is possible for your AC to fail you. When that happens, you want to have it repaired immediately, especially if it happens during the summer months. If this happens, LP & Sons Auto Care is here to help you with our state of the art repair shop and expert technicians. Your satisfaction is always our top priority and we will do everything we can to get your vehicle’s AC system back up and running.

In some cases, the problem could be as simple as a minor refrigerant leak. In other cases, you may be dealing with a broken air compressor. Whatever the case, LP & Sons Auto Care has the equipment, experience, and expertise to properly address and correct the problem.

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If you are looking for auto air conditioning service or repair that you can depend on, call LP & Sons Auto Care in DeLand, FL to schedule an appointment today.

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