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    Best Way to Deal With Your MINI’s Ignition Issues While Driving in Deland

    MINIs are fun vehicles to drive. They may look compact, but they can fit a lot of power and energy under their hoods. These exceptional engines are matched with a unique interior that stands out from all other vehicles in its class. With the customizable options available for MINIs, it is no wonder they are favored by fun-loving, expressive drivers. However, after many years of driving your MINI, you may begin to notice that routine maintenance isn’t catching the larger issues and servicing by a trusted mechanic is required. One of the parts that may need to be repaired is the ignition. Below you will find out how the ignition works and some signs to look for that will indicate an issue with the ignition.

    How the Ignition Works

    The ignition generates a high voltage current from the battery and sends it to the spark plugs. The spark plugs then ignite the air-fuel mixture that is located in the combustion chamber so the engine of your MINI will run.

    Signs and Symptoms of Ignition Issues

    The first sign that will point to an ignition issue is that your MINI fails to start. It could be that you try over and over, and your MINI may take a long time for it to start. There could be a lot of underlying issues as to why your car is failing to start, but the first problem to check would be with the ignition. There are many components that function together with the ignition, so if one of them fails or has become corroded, then your MINI may not start at all.

    The second sign that will indicate an ignition issue is that the key will not turn. If you stick your key into the ignition and cannot turn it, then this may point to the possibility of debris or dirt in the ignition slot. You can check visually to see if anything comes out of the slot by blowing high pressured air into it. This should force out small pieces of dirt and debris that may be stuck in the slot.

    Another reason why the key may not turn is if your steering wheel is locked. In order to unlock your steering wheel, you have to turn it back and forth a few times until it unlocks itself.

    The third sign to look for if you suspect an ignition issue is that there is no noise coming from the ignition. If you are able to turn the key but nothing happens, then the ignition might not be able to create the necessary current. There could be a block in the pathway that is not allowing the current to go from the battery to the starter motor. This issue could also point to your MINI needing its battery replaced. So before you take apart your ignition, check the battery first. This will be a simpler and easier fix. If it is not the battery, then it is the ignition could be the culprit.

    Servicing your MINI

    As discussed above, it is easy to see how the ignition is a very important part of your MINI. You would not be able to drive it if there is an issue with the ignition. So if you are noticing any of the above-mentioned issues, it is time to take your MINI in for servicing.

    Here at LP & Sons Auto Care, we will take good care of you and your MINI. Call us or come by to make an appointment to service your MINI. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Debary, Deltona, Deleon Springs, Orange City, Paisley, Port Orange, and Deland, FL.

    Once you bring your MINI in at your scheduled appointment time, one of our trained and certified technicians will MINI Ignition Issue Fix use the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic tools in order to determine the cause of your ignition problems. Once this has been determined, we will work with you, offering the best options for repair and quality parts without charging you the dealership price. We want to ensure that you and your MINI are safely back on the road as quickly as possible. We look forward to building a working relationship with you to become your trusted MINI maintenance and repair shop.

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