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    Packed with all of the amazing design and engineering features that Germany is so well known for, Audi puts durability, luxury, efficiency, and performance at the forefront of all their vehicle designs. Because of this, they are able to offer cars that drive and perform incredibly, making even the roughest roads feel smooth and each micro-movement of the steering wheel feel precise and controlled.

    However, no car is without its faults, and it seems that when it comes to Audis, electrical issues are often the problem. This is because Audi’s design relies greatly on electronically controlled systems which use extensive control modules, fuses, and wiring. This does result in an increase in connectivity of their system and allow parts to work together better to increase performance, but does also increase the risk of electronic part failure.

    Therefore, this article will explore some of the most common electrical issues your Audi may face, as well as the very best place to go to have them fixed.

    Electrical Issues: Signs and Symptoms

    All Audi drivers should be aware of some of the typical signs of electrical issues in their cars, which include:

    ● Problems with starting the car
    ● Cabin or dash lights flickering
    ● Electrical shortages
    ● Bad or failed fuses
    ● Damaged wiring
    ● Loosely connected wiring
    ● Spark plug Issues
    ● Starter failure
    ● Battery failure
    ● Alternator failure

    The most common culprits for electronic failure which should be considered when running diagnostics include the starter, alternator, fuses, wiring, and battery.

    Common Audi Electrical Issues

    Problems with the Battery

    Usually the first place to start when investigating electrical issues in any car, the battery is responsible for giving power to the starter motor as well as to any electronic system which runs when the engine is turned off (i.e. radio, headlights). Without a functioning battery your Audi is going nowhere fast. With the right care and maintenance your battery should last 2 years, but its lifespan can be potentially reduced from harsh environments, and poor care standards.

    The most common battery issues include not holding a charge, as well as corrosion, as the battery is exposed under the hood. Corrosion affects the flow of current as well as the unit’s conductivity, which can greatly impact your Audi’s ability to start.

    Water Damage

    We all know that water and electronics coming together is a disaster waiting to happen, but unfortunately it happens quite a bit in Audis. One of the most prominent manufacture ‘boo-boo’s’ of recent Audi models is the placement of the MMI underneath the cup holders.

    The MMI or, ‘Multi-Media Interface’ is an integral electronic system responsible for controlling all of your Audi’s entertainment systems, electronics, navigational systems, and more. Its location underneath the cupholders means that if spillages occur, fluid is able to leak into the MMI, resulting it in malfunctioning or shorting out. With this in mind, Audi drivers should be extra careful that all drinks have their lids on tight and aren’t over-filled!

    Faults with the Window Motor

    The window motor in your Audi sends a signal to the regulator when a button is pressed, which signals for the window to open or close. However, if their the regulator or the motor fails, the signal will not be correctly carried, resulting in unresponsive windows or windows that are stuck open, which can lead to damage in the interior of your car.

    The main culprits of these issues are stickers and window tinting. This is because they increase the overall thickness of the window, creating extra resistance that the window motor has to fight against. This will cause the window motor to work overtime, reducing its lifespan and increasing the risk of sudden failure. Therefore, you should avoid stickers where possible, and ensure your windows are tinted professionally, in line with the specs of your Audis model.

    LP and Sons Auto Care

    Located in Deland FL, and servicing Audi Fuse Check all surrounding areas, our service technicians at LP and Sons Auto Care are passionate about all things automotive. Specialists in European cars, our dedicated team are on hand Monday through Saturday for all your Audi’s electrical needs – and with money-saving coupons, repairs are certain not to break the bank!

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