Engine Repair

Engine RepairPreventative maintenance is beneficial to keeping your engine running properly and preventing the need for serious repairs. Unfortunately the unexpected happens and we get engine problems. At LP & Sons Auto Care, our certified technicians are auto repair experts and are equipped to handle any issues your vehicle may have. That’s why we confident that we offer the best engine repair in DeLand, FL.

Tune-Ups DeLand

There is more to a tune-up than just changing the spark plugs. Generally speaking, it is recommended that vehicles receive a tune-up service every 30,000 miles. Our tune-up services include a visual inspection of all of the engine components to ensure there is no need to replace anything. Along with replacing the spark plugs, checking the wires, and setting the idle and timing so your automobile runs and sounds its best.

Fluids, Filters, Belts, and Hoses DeLand

As you drive, your vehicle’s belts and hoses will wear down and the filters and fluids will get dirty. Do not underestimate these aspects of your vehicle, if they become worn or break, they can cause some intense damage to the vehicle or its engine. The typical inspection of your vehicle’s belts and hoses is checking for cracking, leaks, and any other signs of wear. Don’t worry we will replace them if they need it. We will inspect and replace your filters when needed to ensure clean air throughout the vehicle.

Fuel System Service DeLand

When was the last time you had your fuel system serviced? Did you know we can service that system? A combustion engine will deposit carbon on the fuel injectors which will require them to be cleaned. This is just an unavoidable result of combustion engines. We enact a three-step cleaning process to ensure there are no traces of carbon left. This will increase your vehicle’s performance and increases your gas mileage.

Preventative Maintenance DeLand

Looking for radiator flushes, tire services, transmission fluid flushes, brake service, and more? We offer it all here at LP & Son Auto Care in DeLand FL. We strive to ensure your car is running at its best so you can relax and enjoy wherever the car takes you. It also makes certain you don’t break down while out for a drive.

Engine Repair DeLand

We offer the best auto repair service in all of DeLand FL. We know that things can go wrong with cars and that is why we are here, to fix them. We also believe in being fair with our pricing and we offer honest prices to work with your budget. You are part of the family when you work with us and we will treat you with the respect you deserve. Any engine problems will be diagnosed and you will be offered the best solution to repair the problem with a price point that won’t break the bank. You can count on us to fix it right the first time.

Engine Services Near Me

Bring your vehicle to LP & Sons Auto Care in DeLand, FL for all of your engine repair and services. Our certified technicians have the experience and passion to fix your domestic and foreign automobiles. Give us a call today.

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