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    As the owner of a BMW, you can truly appreciate the characteristics that set this line of automobiles apart from the rest. Known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, the BMW encompasses innovation, safety, quality, luxury and optimal performance. Their reputation precedes them; they have become one of the most recognizable and popular international brands.

    Drivers all over the world will give various answers when asked why they prefer BMW over any other brand in the industry. Some will say it is the powerful torque, the awesome horsepower or the overall gas mileage. Others may touch on the unsurpassed luxury, attention to detail or innovative styles included in the line. BMW prides themselves on constantly pushing the envelope, always using the latest technology to improve their manufacturing. This commitment to innovation and being one of the leaders among international automobiles leads to the production of truly unsurpassed makes and models.

    For these reasons, your BMW should be treated with the utmost care and concern when being serviced. While there are a number of components that must undergo regularly scheduled maintenance, mechanical issues may arise that compromise the performance of your vehicle. As an owner, you need to be aware of such issues and have them addressed as soon as possible.

    Potential Issues That May Develop in Your BMW

    Every automobile is different and can develop problems based on the driving conditions, location and other factors they may experience over time. However, there are a few issues that BMWs seem to have in common.

    Oil Leaks

    Multiple owners have noticed an oil leak in BMWs with over 55,000 miles. Many of these complaints have led to the discovery of issues with valve cover gaskets as well as oil pan gaskets.


    A high pressure pump malfunction can potentially lead to sputtering when driving a BMW. This normally takes place when traveling at high speeds or during acceleration.

    Problems with Electrical Components

    Many drivers have noticed electrical problems within several BMW models. A faulty wiring system has caused issues from malfunctioning windshield wipers to a breakdown in the HVAC system. Such problems can also cause issues with the windows, including no movement or difficulty going up and down.

    Vibrating Steering Wheel When Braking

    In some series, operators have noted vibration when applying the brakes. This could be a result of faulty rotors or other braking components. A malfunction in the braking system can be extremely dangerous.

    Power Steering Leak

    Some vehicles may become the victim of a leak in the power steering fluid. You may notice screeching when turning or a fluid leak under the car. You may also notice an unusually low level of fluid in the reservoir. These are all signs of a potential leak which can be damaging to your automobile.

    Only Trust the Experts at LP & Sons to Service Your BMW

    LP & Sons Auto Care has been voted the #1 mechanic in Deland. We specialize in expert service for European vehicles, including your BMW. In fact, our shop is owned and operated by a BMW master certified technician. We are committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers and provide a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on all of our work!

    The staff at LP & Sons understands the intricate processes and detailed maintenance that your BMW requires. We use only the latest equipment and tools to service your automobile. We also don’t believe in surprises! Any work that needs to be performed on your vehicle will be approved by you before it is completed. You can feel confident that our service is done right the first time and on time. We know the value of your personal time and we offer free rides to work or home as well as flexible night drop off availability.

    Our shop services the residents of BMW ServiceDebary, Deltona, Deleon Springs, Orange City, Paisley, Port Orange and Deland, FL. We have established ourselves as a trusted leader in dealership alternative services for European vehicles. If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you. Let us inspect, maintain, diagnose and repair your BMW when the need presents itself. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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