• Volvo Transfer Case Fluid Leak

    How to Maintain Your Volvo’s Transfer Case

    Your Volvo is equipped with a multitude of innovative and dependable components, from the HVAC system to the mechanical engineering that creates optimal performance. An extremely significant component found under the hood is the transfer case. The transfer case sends power from the engine through the axles to the wheels. It has the responsibility of keeping all four wheels working together. This responsibility also includes adjusting for the differences in the way the wheels turn.

    Volvo has been manufacturing cars that are all wheel drive and four wheel drive for many years. These capabilities allow these models to navigate through rough terrain such as gravel, rock, dirt and snow. For your vehicle to be able to perform in these situations, the transfer case must be in top quality condition.

    Symptoms of a Failing Transfer Case

    If the transfer case begins to fail, it can become a very dangerous situation for you and your passengers. It is imperative to know the symptoms so that you can be aware of potential problems with your Volvo.

    Vehicle Jumps In and Out of Four Wheel Drive

    A failing transfer case means that your car will not be able to stay in four wheel drive, even when you should have the ability to control when it does. It will jump in and out at random times. Broken pieces in the case or even a leak may cause such problems.

    Concerning Noises or Grinding Coming from Under the Hood

    Metal on metal sounds can alert you to a transfer case issue. An insufficient amount of fluid or lubricant can lead to grinding noises in the engine. When you hear these sounds, you should have your Volvo inspected immediately.

    Difficult Time Shifting Gears

    Diagnosing any transmission issue can be complicated as there are several culprits which can cause a problem. However, if you experience difficulty shifting gears, the transfer case may be malfunctioning. It is important for an experienced technician to determine the exact cause of the transmission failure.

    Leaking of Transfer Case Fluid

    Vehicles utilize a variety of fluids to keep the engine and its components working properly. Transfer case fluid keeps all the pieces within the case operating at their best. If you notice any fluid under your automobile, it may transfer fluid. This should be addressed as soon as possible, before the fluid reaches a dangerously low level. Low fluid can cause detrimental damage to the mechanical components and overall performance of the vehicle.

    Age and Increased Mileage

    As cars get older, they can experience breakdowns due to wear and tear. High mileage can lead to issues such as transfer case failure, especially if there has not been regularly scheduled maintenance.

    Consult the Professionals at LP & Sons Auto Care

    It is imperative for you to be aware of any changes or issues that arise with your Volvo. Taking action immediately can prevent further damage from occurring as well as making sure your vehicle is properly maintained. The expert team at LP & Sons Auto Care is ready and waiting to inspect, diagnose and repair any issue with your automobile’s transfer case.

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