• Mercedes Engine Overheating

    What’s Causing my Mercedes Engine to Overheat?

    Overall, Mercedes are reliable luxury cars perfect for business and pleasure, with an equally exciting history to match. Because the company is often the fore-runner of innovations, Mercedes drivers will usually always experience the very best in motoring from their cars.

    However, poor care and maintenance practices can take a toll upon even the most well-designed cars, resulting in premature part failures and poor performance. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the factors that may be causing your Mercedes to overheat.

    The Signs of Overheating

    If your Mercedes experiences any of these issues, it is likely that it is struggling with an overheating problem:

    1. Illumination of temperature warning light
    2. High temperature gauge
    3. Hot oil or metallic smell filtering through the A/C
    4. Engine making thumping or ticking sounds
    5. Coolant leaks
    6. Steam from under the hood
    7. A hood that is hot to touch
    8. Power decrease
    9. Total engine failure

    What is Causing my Overheating Problems?

    1. The Radiator

    The radiator can be viewed as the central hub for all things cooling. Its main job is to take the water or coolant that has become hot as it has circulated the engine, and cool it back down in preparation for it to circulate again. If the radiator starts to fail, you will notice you overheat more often, particularly at higher speeds or hotter temperatures.

    2. Thermostatic Valve

    Also simply referred to as the thermostat, this valve is responsible for regulating the temperatures inside the engine via opening and closing a valve. It will close the valve when the engine is cold, preventing coolant from circulating and allowing it to warm up. It will open when it is too hot, allowing the coolant to circulate and reduce temperatures. If the valve gets stuck in the closed position, coolant will not be able to circulate the engine, and overheating will become common.

    3. Water Pump Failure

    The water pump is responsible for pumping water around the coolant system at the correct pressure to ensure the water can achieve a successful circuit. If this part starts to fail, then it will not be able to push the water around successfully, if at all, creating hot spots, or even allowing the water to drain from the system via a leak, meaning overheating is all but certain.

    4. Low Coolant Level/Coolant Leaks

    Coolant is usually combined with the water, or used additionally to prevent overheating in your engine. It is brightly colored, making it easy to spot if you have a leak. If you notice brightly coloured fluid draining from your car when parked, then you have a leak on your hands. Low coolant levels will mean that there is not enough fluid circulating your Mercedes to keep it cool, resulting in overheating.

    5. Low Oil Levels/Old Oil

    If you haven’t topped up or change your oil in some time, then your oil may be causing your Mercedes to overheat. The oil in your engine is responsible for keeping internal parts cool, mostly by reducing and preventing the heat build up of moving parts by lubricating them, which reduces friction. If the oil levels are low, parts will be able to grind against one another creating friction and excess heat which can trigger and overheating issue.

    6. Transmission

    Your vehicle overheating may not be down to your engine at all! If you’ve ruled out all over causes then your overheating problem may be caused by your transmission. The transmission is the second hottest part of your vehicle (behind your engine), due to the massive amount of heat and friction caused by gear changes. The transmission uses fluid to keep cool, but if this is running low, it may overheat, and if it overheats severely enough, can trigger overheating symptoms in your engine.

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