Whining in the Fuel Tank Means a Bad Fuel Pump

Give LP & Sons Auto Care a call if you hear whining noises in your automobile’s fuel tank. This means that the fuel pump is going bad and needs to be replaced. If you have over 100,000 miles on the odometer, this is about the time that the pump runs out of steam. Aside from the whining sounds in the fuel tank, here are other signs that your fuel pump is going bad.

Inability to Produce Power

Your engine needs extra fuel when you want to drive fast or when you drive up steep hills. It also needs extra fuel if you’re towing a trailer behind your automobile. If the engine is struggling to produce power under these conditions, this is an indication that the pump is unable to push more fuel through.

Strange Speed Spurts

If your automobile has suddenly started to pick up speed by itself, the faulty pump may be pushing too much fuel through to the engine. The engine will pick up speed as it burns away the excess fuel. This, too, is an indication that it is time to replace the fuel pump in the fuel tank.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Either of these conditions makes your engine run inefficiently. Consequently, the malfunctioning pump will indirectly reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy. You will need to replace the pump to restore efficient engine performance. Once your engine is running efficiently, you will get better fuel mileage.

Reduced Fuel Pressure

If you test the fuel pressure, this will point to a problem with the fuel pump. If the pressure is below normal, the pump is not able to generate enough fuel pressure. This is one way to determine that it’s time to remove the old pump and install a new one.

Overheating Engine

Your vehicle’s engine may also start to run too hot if there is a problem with the fuel pump. What happens is that the pump’s motor overheats and since that heat into the engine. Consequently, your engine will start to overheat when you drive your automobile.

Hard Starts/No Starts

Finally, if the pump is having difficulties sending fuel to the engine, you will have difficulties getting your car, truck, or utility vehicle started. Eventually, the automobile will refuse to start because the pump has died and you don’t have any fuel in the combustion chamber.

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Photo by andresr from getty images via Canva Pro