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Premier Computer Diagnostic & Repair Shop in Deland

Cars are getting more advanced with each new model released. From a technology standpoint this means your car is more likely to alert you when there is an issue or if you’re nearing a service appointment interval. While your car can alert you to an issue, it can’t tell you the exact cause of the problem yet. For instance, if your Check Engine Light turns on, there are dozens of potential reasons that it may be on. At LP & Sons Auto Care our mechanics use the latest diagnostic tools to accurately find what is wrong with your car faster than the competition. For years we’ve been the DeLand area’s go-to experts for all European auto diagnostics and repairs.

Years of Experience with the Best Brands

At LP & Sons Auto Care we offer complete services and repairs for the area’s most popular European brands:

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We understand the importance of accuracy. Our shop always uses the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure the most accurate readings possible.

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Conveniently located in DeLand, LP & Sons Auto Care also services surrounding areas such as:

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