TransmissionsDo you drive a manual transmission or an automatic? LP & Sons Auto Care has you covered. At LP & Sons Auto Care, our certified crew of mechanics are the transmission service and repair experts. We will help you maintain your transmission and extend its life. If need be we will repair or replace the transmission aswell. We try to avoid the need for transmission replacement or repair with preventative maintenance. We help all the residents in DeLand, FL with their auto repair needs.

Flush and Fill

Transmission fluid, sometimes referred to as transmission oil, does the same actions to your transmission as your engine oil does for your engine. Depending on how often you drive your vehicle, the recommended interval for a transmission fluid exchange is every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. This allows the fluid to remain clean, fresh, and ready to keep your car’s transmission running.

The purpose of transmission fluid in your vehicle is to keep the moving parts of the transmission lubricated and reduce the speed at which they wear out. The other purpose is to keep the transmission from overheating by pulling the heat away and absorbing it. When driving a manual transmission, you physically push the transmission fluid through the system with every shift in gears which is what keeps them cool and gliding smoothly. Automatic transmissions use pressure to transfer the transmission fluid through the system.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Just like the hoses in your vehicle, your transmission system can eventually spring a leak. This leak can be identified from noticeable lower transmission fluid levels. Anything can cause this from a stray rock, age, or an accident. No matter what may have caused it, it is never good to have a leak, that is where we come in. We can find the leak and eliminate the source of that leak. If you see dark red fluid leaking onto your garage floor, that is likely transmission fluid. Having your transmission leak fixed and repaired as soon as possible is very important. Driving with low transmission fluid offers a very high possibility of damaging it.

Transmission Service DeLand

The typical transmission service involves a flush and refill of the fluid,  an inspection of the entire system for contaminants such as dirt or rust, and then a detailed report of what we found. If you drive a manual, we will adjust and inspect your clutch for you. Never worry about transmission problems again with maintenance and repairs from LP & Sons Auto Care.

Transmission Repair  Near Me

With that being said, if you are in need of a repair, we have you covered. Whether it is a leaking or cracked pan or an issue with your clutch we can fix it. We service and have experience servicing all makes and models along with transmissions of all ages. New or old, it does not matter when you chose LP & Sons Auto Care for your transmission repair needs. We are your full-service auto repair shop with the crew and experience for your next transmission service and repair.

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