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Experienced Auto Repair & Service Shop in Deleon Springs

DeLeon Springs is well known for large homes and neighborhoods. Residents love the privacy and beautiful views that the city provides. The area is a perfect place for drivers to see what their European cars are capable of. If something feels off in your car, LP & Sons Auto Care provides full services and repairs for your vehicle.


Servicing the Most Popular Brands

At LP & Sons Auto Care we offer complete services and maintenance for the area’s most popular Euro brands:

Full Services Handled In-House

We strive to offer you affordable services you can count on. Our shop handles everything your car needs like:

Our shop uses the latest tools and equipment to ensure accurate services.

DeLeon Spring’s Independent Alternative

Taking care of your car usually means expensive trips to the dealership. For drivers all throughout DeLeon Springs, LP & Sons Auto Care offers affordable services. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment for your car. Or speak with a member of our friendly staff to learn more about all our services and repairs.

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