Bring Your Car to LP & Sons Auto Care for a Clutch Adjustment

Did you know that you should have your clutch adjusted every 6,000 miles? We can do that for you here at LP & Sons Auto Care. You can get 100,000 miles out of the factory clutch if you take care of it. Adjusting it is part of taking care of it. Aside from maintaining the clutch, we can also replace it when it goes bad. Here are signs that you need a new clutch.

Changes in the Pedal’s Resistance

One of the first things that will happen is you will notice a change in how the clutch pedal resists your foot. The clutch pedal will start to feel soft and spongy. In severe cases, it may sink to the floor and never catch at the bite point. Bring your vehicle to our shop right away if your clutch is doing this.

Higher Catch Point on the Clutch

Speaking of the bite point, this position in the clutch where you shift the gears will get higher when the clutch is going out. Also called the catch point, any change in its location is an indication that there are problems going on inside the clutch. Give us an opportunity to inspect the clutch to see what is wrong.

Burning Odors Coming From the Clutch

You may also detect burning odors coming from the clutch when it is going bad. This is a sign that the clutch initially engages and then slips out of engagement even though you haven’t released it yet. Unfortunately, the overheating clutch will continue to get damaged the more you use it.

Difficulty Shifting the Gears

The overheating clutch also makes it difficult to shift through the gear cycle. If the clutch is really bad, you may not even be able to get your vehicle into gear. Aside from the clutch, a malfunctioning manual transmission may slip out of gear constantly. Any of these problems need immediate attention.

Hesitation When You Accelerate

Another sign that your clutch is slipping is hesitation when you try to pick up speed after shifting gears. When this happens, it is an indication that the clutch was unable to switch the power from the engine to the transmission. This creates gear-shifting problems and acceleration problems.

LP & Sons Auto Care in DeLand, FL, advises that it will also make your gears grind when you shift them. Bring your vehicle to our shop right away if you are having any of the problems listed above.

Photo by Mihajlo Maricic from getty images via Canva Pro