Does the Check Engine Light Cover Transmission Problems?

Yes, a faulty transmission is one reason why your check engine light will turn on. LP & Sons Auto Care can inspect and repair, rebuild, or replace your automatic transmission if it is doing any of the things listed below. These are common problems with an automatic transmission.

Gear Slippage or Hesitation

Your transmission definitely needs immediate attention if it is slipping out of gear or if it is hesitating to shift the gears. There should be no hesitation when you put your vehicle into gear or when it shifts through the gear cycle. Once in a specific gear, the transmission should stay in that gear until it is time to shift again.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you see red spots on your garage floor underneath your automobile, it’s possible that your automatic transmission is leaking. Usually, the spots are located more toward the center of your vehicle than underneath the engine. It’s important to have the transmission fluid leak fixed right away to avoid low fluid levels.

Overheating Transmission

Low transmission fluid levels will overheat your automatic transmission. You will smell hot odors coming from underneath your automobile and the transmission will struggle to operate efficiently. It’s important to change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles to make sure there is plenty of it and that it is clean.

Shaking or Vibrating

Another sign that your automobile is having transmission problems is if it shakes or vibrates when it shifts the gears. The gear shifts should be relatively smooth with the exception of a change in your engine’s RPMs. If your vehicle lurches forward when the transmission shifts the gears, bring the automobile to our shop right away.

Strange Transmission Noises

A faulty transmission will also make strange noises. It may squeal or grind, especially when it shifts the gears. It may also hum in neutral. Another sign that the transmission is going bad is if it clunks. It may clunk into gear and it may clunk when it shifts gears.

Complete Unresponsiveness

Finally, there may come a time when your transmission refuses to respond. In this case, you will have to have your automobile towed to our shop. You won’t be able to get the transmission to go into gear and it won’t shift through the gear cycle. This is a sign of a serious transmission problem.

Call LP & Sons Auto Care in DeLand, FL, at the first sign of transmission trouble. The sooner we find out what’s wrong the less damage to the transmission.