Six Signs the Catalytic Converter Needs to Be Replaced

There will come a point when the catalytic converter needs to be replaced if you drive an older automobile. Catalytic converters last about 10 years before they become clogged with hydrocarbons and malfunction. LP & Sons Auto Care can replace your catalytic converter when it goes bad. Here are six signs that you’re driving with a faulty catalytic converter.

1. Engine Performance Trouble

As we mentioned above, the catalytic converter gets clogged with sulfur and carbon deposits over time. When this happens, the exhaust is pushed back into the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, this makes engine combustion difficult and you will notice engine performance problems. These problems include lagging when you accelerate and sputtering as you are driving along.

2. Reduction in Fuel Economy

The engine performance problems will also reduce your fuel economy because the engine will use more fuel to produce power. The key to resolving this issue is to replace the malfunctioning catalytic converter so that your engine runs efficiently again. You will get the best mileage when your engine is running efficiently. An inefficient engine gets poor gas mileage.

3. Dark Engine Exhaust Smoke

You may also start to see dark exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe if you’re driving with a faulty catalytic converter. This is because the converter is unable to treat the exhaust and convert the hydrocarbons in it. Aside from this, the engine may also be burning extra fuel because, again, it is having problems performing due to the exhaust in the combustion chamber.

4. Exhaust That Smells Horrible

If your exhaust starts to smell like rotten eggs, the catalytic converter is clogged with sulfur deposits and needs to be replaced. The sulfur deposits are what release the rotten egg odor when the hot exhaust flows over them.

5. Heat Under the Automobile

You may also end up with excessive heat underneath your automobile if the catalytic converter is going bad. As you learned in science class, heat rises. Consequently, if the catalytic converter is overheating, your engine will overheat, as well.

6. Check Engine Light Warning

Finally, because there are some things that are going wrong in your engine due to the catalytic converter failing, the engine control module will turn on the check engine light to let you know there’s a problem. In this case, the problem is the catalytic converter.

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Photo by BanksPhotos from Getty Images via Canva Pro