Thanksgiving Is a Time For Family, Not Car Trouble

Don’t let car trouble put a damper on your Thanksgiving plans. Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and fun. Although we can’t help you with Thanksgiving dinner preparations, LP & Sons Auto Care can help you with your car, crossover, truck, or SUV. We believe in finding problems before they become, well, problems, and we’d be happy to inspect your automobile to make sure it isn’t going to breakdown on you over the long holiday weekend. This is especially important if you’re traveling.

Avoid Car Trouble Before it Starts

Sorry, we don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but avoiding car troubles before they start makes your life easier and your car care less costly. Preventative maintenance replaces parts before entire systems need to be replaced. It allows auto technicians to find minor problems that could leave you stranded on the side of the road on Thanksgiving Day. One example is a tire blowout because your tires are bald. You could also get stranded with an overheating engine if your coolant is low or the radiator fan is dead.

Take Steps to Prevent Problems on the Road

Let’s assume for a moment that you do have that blowout. Do you have a fully inflated spare tire in your trunk? What about a jack and lug wrench? Even the best-laid plans can still falter, so make sure you’re prepared for problems on the road in the event they happen despite your best efforts. Put two emergency kits in your automobile, one for you and one for your car. The car’s kit should include jumper cables, one quart of oil, one gallon of coolant, and emergency triangles among other supplies.

Take Steps to Prevent Automobile Accidents

Breaking down isn’t the only hazard over Thanksgiving weekend. There are millions of drivers on the roads each year over the long weekend and these drivers can be aggressive and/or drunk. It’s important to know that you can trust your car in an emergency situation, such as having to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting a drunk driver who just cut you off. Stay alert and defensive, anticipating problems before they occur, and whatever you do, do not drink and drive yourself. Be responsible and overly safe.

LP & Sons Auto Care in DeLand, FL, would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving filled with countless things to be grateful for. Call us to schedule an appointment for vehicle service and repair.

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